Building Fashion on grounds of Faith – Nikkiyug


Nikkiyug is not just a brand, it is a piece of cloth by itself, a piece of jewellery, a cape of confidence; it is a sense of identity that unravels your truest, most powerful version of your self. Women of every body type, every skin type, every personality type needs to find her truest self, and when a fashion brand that is built on the grounds of God and His governance meets a woman on the path to find her purpose of life, it gives rise to the biggest forms of salvation that there ever was – unchaining of the leash that had her tied to the worldly, superficial beauty standards that the media would like for us to believe. We, at Nikkiyug see that the comparison pit that media throws us women in transforms into a machine that feeds our mind with all sorts of theories that make us feel less about ourselves. This is where God steps in and takes the lead, for God alone knows the Beginning and the End. When you surrender your heart and soul to the hands of God, you have nothing to worry about, for He alone knows what is best for you, as you, my beautiful friend, are a child of God. With God in your heart, anything that you touch turns to gold, pure gold, and we at Nikkiyug, envisioned ladling out God’s words and His power through our products, whether you’re a believer of God or not, you will feel His power surging through your body and feel like the empowered woman that you are destined to be, and in essence, will be on your way to find your purpose of life. We wanted to create a brand that helps women build themselves and their sisters and in the process, spread their wings ready for flight to their ultimate destination – feel their best selves in their own skin. Purchasing from Nikkiyug not only makes you a customer, it makes you a woman who is wary of her own worth, and is on her way to fulfill her purpose. If you have reached till here, Nikkiyug is your true calling and we welcome you with open arms to be a part of our tribe.

All for comfort, comfort for all.


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