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Boldness of High Fashion and Comfort You Crave

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I love my bag it came fast very durable and high quality I give it 5 stars will shop here again. — Demario Story, happy customer

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I love my bag it came fast very durable and high quality I give it 5 stars will shop here again.  My purchase was lovely and fixed so well. I knew knew I looked damn good with it on.. My experience with my purchase also turned bodies and I will be shopping again. I received an amazing customer service and an even more amazing mask. As an essential worker I needed a great mask. It was hard to find a cute, breathable and effective mask but NIKKIYUG came all the way through! I love the straps because they go around your head instead of your ears so you don't have to worry about sore ears. Thank you for the amazing mask. Much love!
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About Us

The Story Behind The Brand
My name is LaTisha Young, born April 24,1990. I had a hard upbringing seeing and enduring more than a child should. Now that I am an adult I have made it my life's mission do try by best to help as many children as I can not have to endure what I experienced growing up including my trying to give my daughter the best life I can as a single mother. Besides Fashion I am a Author I wrote my first book called "God Saved me" which is available on Amazon and I am also a spiritual Life-coach making it my business to give people the "Truth" and break generational Curses so we can stop breeding brokenness in this world, and we all can live a more happy, healthy and healed life.
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My Podcast

Check out my podcast 'The Truth' we air every Saturday.
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Contact Us

At the moment we only have our online presences but if your are interested in me booking to make a custom attire for your event please don't hesitate to reach out to us.
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1441 Woodmont LN NW Suite 338 Atlanta, Ga 30318
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